Help Me!

This page provides a FAQ or help to common questions that occur.

It will be developed during the course.


  1. How do I install SWIRL?

  2. How do I install the course?

  3. I don’t get the ‘submit your answer to Simon via a Google form’ question or page?

  4. How to submit answers on Canvas for the Labs

1. How do I install swirl?

# this downloads the package
# this loads the package into your R workspace
# start working!

2. How do I install the course?

install_course_github("saq", "fes720_Basic")

3. I don’t get the ‘submit your answer to Simon via a Google form’ question or page?

If you are asked to submit the lesson to Coursera or send an email, something went wrong.

Please delete all the courses on your computer and reinstall the correct course.

When you start swirl, please make sure that you select ‘fes720_Basic’.


# uninstall all courses

# Select the number to approve uninstalling everything.

# delete your progress for your username, e.g., "Simon"

# Then, download the correct course again.
install_course_github("saq", "fes720_Basic")

# and start swirl ...

# Make sure that you select the option **not** to continue with a previous lesson.

# Restart the lesson from the beginning ...

How to submit answers on Canvas for the labs

i). How to write up your answers

You will need to write R code to answer each of the questions.

You should write the code in the Source or Text Editor and save it (copying answers from the Console will mean that you also copy the prompt (‘>’) which means that when we try and run the code on our own machine, it will fail.

Please format your answers as follows:

It should look something like this example:

# LAB: Basic Building Blocks
# Simon Queenborough

# wipe R working memory
rm(list = ls())

# Load data
# Read in the Harry Potter Movies Table 1
dat.hp <- read.table("", sep = '\t', header = TRUE)

# Questions
# A. Harry Potter data
# 1. Display the column names of the Harry Potter data. How are they different from Table 1?


## The column names are ...

# 2. ...

ii).How to submit your answers

You are permitted to submit your answers as many times as you like within 2 weeks.

Answers will be graded two or three times a week and re-opened if you do not score 100%.

Each lab will close after 2 weeks and final grades for that lab computed and entered into the Canvas gradebook.

To submit your answers on Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas.

  2. Go to the Assignments page.

  3. Look under the correct Lab or Best Practice section and find the correct assignment.

  4. Copy and paste your R code into the text box.

  5. Click ‘Submit Assignment’.

  6. Andrew or I will test your code and work you via the comments box.

  7. Final grades will be awarded when you get 100% or the deadline.

Updated: 2017-09-13